My Scroll Saw Projects ApplicationsTM

System Requirements:


Windows Edition

These applications are compatible with machines running Windows 98SE through XP Professional.

(For optimum ease of installation and performance Windows XP Pro is recommended.)

Minimum System Requirements:

  • IBM PC or compatible; w/ 90Mhz Intel Pentium-class processor or AMD Athlon64 processor.

  • Display Settings: 1024x768; color quality: Highest (32bit) - (recommended).

  • CD ROM Drive.

  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01, or - Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.

  • Hard Drive Space requirements* :

    V1.2:   8.3 MB
    V2.0: 10.5 MB
    V3.0: 14.0 MB
    V4.0: 14.6 MB

    * Includes License & Warranty and User's Manual